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 Scripting FAQ
Do you support Microsoft FrontPageĀ®?
Yes, with Microsoft FrontPageĀ®, you can edit and update your web site pages.

How do I administer my ODBC Database?
You can add, edit and delete your ODBC connections using our Hosting Control Panel.

How do I use ASP?
To use ASP (active server pages) name your files .asp.

How do I use ColdFusion?
To use ColdFusion name your files .cfm.

How do I use PERL/CGI?
To use CGI name your files .pl or .cgi.

How do I use PHP?
To use PHP name your files .php.

How much space is included for my ODBC Database?
ODBC databases are limited by your amount of allocated space included with your account package and quota.

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